Platinum Protection

On August 6, 2022, this group managed to protect the Image on the Web to Pope Francis. </p>
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<p> We have invested and purchased important image tools because we believed it was good for a Pope who gave a different image to the Church with important messages starting from Humility that not all Popes have had and that there is not in the church. We are proud of this choice that has brought us so many sacrifices, but this does not matter because what happened is a Miracle. We do not yet know when we will communicate this confidential information to the Pontiff and we are organizing to communicate it personally. What happened on August 6 I dedicate to Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who also took care of special protections on these men. All this happened to OxFord in a small Provincial Town where I live but from where thanks to the Web we were able to connect to define this and many other choices, We will tell you in detail how things went, now we have reached our highest point research. Come back to this blog and we will update you in the coming days. But I never thought that the most powerful bank in the world hadn't thought about it. What we have sought is only and exclusively available to Pope Francis. Greetings from a Catholic person who believes in God but does not practice, all True Faithful. I hope that Francis is happy with this decision taken, these instruments will remain the property of this company, but only the Pope will be able to decide what to do with them. We will keep you updated for now we cannot express ourselves. It was a crazy day, like being in a Diamond Mine and finding the Pope's Pearls, even if there is only one Pearl. May my daughter always be protected. 

Con Affetto al Pontefice

Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.r.l. Italia

CEO Carmelo Rizzo Italia