13 August 2022
As for the Umberto Bruno Revolutionary concepts, when you are aware that you have always respected, you become aware that you are also respecting yourself forward to lies that make you pass for a fool, when instead the fools sit very often on the tables that they administer tarritori piloting minds unlikely, I firmly believe the Italian Politics has always wanted the hunger of the People by giving away crumbs and then in the present times to remove those too. In Melendugno, my hometown, there was also a group that politically I had thrown out of those tables, with the strength of courage, that courage to respect yourself, if you do not respect yourself you will not be able to respect others, pretend to be a friend it’s not good because you take time away from those people who are really friends to you, even a coffee with a fake friend is a waste of time, let alone if your contacts or Facebook friends are real friends. So if in my country where they Governed for 60 years, without giving importance to my almost refused likes, we made the Revolution and we overturned them by making names of Banks and characters who only did their illegal business by sitting in famous courts, why not? think of a National Thought Revolution. You cannot live with false moralisms or like those of my country 10% of No Tap Imaginary Sick Dreamers 90% not workers only producers of lost time. I think in the opposite way from similar people if it can be defined as such. The World is sick, with Likes, with that Intellectual Image or lost beauty in the Social Networks of that stolen time lost never again I was tired so tired for many years I believed those Likes did not give me anything, my like even if with a thousand difficulties not my responsibility, but my Like and here, in England, a Nation that says and does, a Nation that does not depend on Nobody, where prejudice does not exist but here I have found only respect also towards the foreigner, don’t come and tell me that Romanians, Moldavians, Albanians, Africans are bad people, that’s not the case, give yourself a good brainwash, they are people equal if not better than us current Italians. In Italy we judge but we don’t look inside, we are the most beautiful nation in the world for the whole world, but the world does not know 100% the situation of the most beautiful country in the world in the last 10 years.