My name is Carmelo Rizzo, I was born in Italy in 1981 on May 1st, the day of the “Labour in Italy” festival, since work does not exist in Italy by now. This date was a sentence , the name is not . it is that of my paternal grandmother, never known, her name was Carmela, and they called me Carmelo, but then they always called me Carmine, so I never understood anything about my name in my life, and my date of birth is beautiful . My Zodiac Sign is Taurus, like the Red Bull Taurus, I don’t love Football, I love Running Beyond.
I’ve never played Play Station, except with my brother Giorgio who is 30 years younger than me, I’ve only had Nintendo, and the only games have been Super Mario Bross and The Ducks shooting each other with the Gun.
I’ve never attended arcades much except to meet friends and beautiful girls, the only video games in public arcades have been Pac Man, Tetris, and Pinball, for the rest of my life I’ve always had other types of passions. ” Unfortunately.”
My personal life path hasn’t been very easy, except that of having had a family of workers that made me want nothing economically and from it, I received the teachings that I carry on in my life. It is not always easy to manage a situation as the eldest son of a large family that has built so much. before coming to England, the last 10 years have been characterized by abrupt falls into the darkness of depression with alternating periods of Creative Maniacality, I have always done and always had 1000 strange things on my mind. At school, I really liked reading, I was strong in science and mathematics, I didn’t like writing, I loved history or English even though I fell in love once with a beautiful English teacher, I thought they were useless subjects. At about 37, I went to Lecce, the city where I grew up in Salento, to speak in two English schools to enroll in a course, but I didn’t have the courage to take that magical step, I changed direction, I enrolled in a school of Bar Tender to learn the Cocktails that I Drink Only Strawberry and Mojto I don’t like Alcohol, I paid the enrollment 150 Euros, I went Half a Time, and then nothing more. I didn’t know where to hit my head, in Italy I didn’t know what to do anymore I was looking for Beyond, a new choice to fall again, that was something that scared me a lot, trying to fall I was used to it by now. In a Family of great Entrepreneurs, people who built themselves, you will never be understood in Italy if you change direction, of course, it can be a good Mentality and I approve that there are Children who inherit Family Businesses and are Capable, for a number of reasons, I no longer felt capable, I was looking further. Besides the depression I didn’t know what was there anymore. I had no solutions to my existence it was a continuous coming and going from Doctors to psychological and psychiatric hospitals, psychopharmaceuticals were my daily life companion, enduring Depression I think is worse than Death there are many reasons that lead to a Bipolar.
Trouble, whether I’ve done it or not, this has never been clear to me, but other than personal trouble, I’ve never killed anyone. thank goodness or unfortunately, my situation as “Son of”, has always led me to consider myself a lucky person, compared to other friends I grew up with who hadn’t had this luck, and I always felt a little different from the son of people who had so much creating it from scratch and who gave me so much, but my mind has always sailed Beyond.
In August 2020, however, something happens, I decide to come and be a laborer in England, and work with the very famous Bricklayers in English shipyards, the Masons, they are called BrickLayers, and, this is already a RockStar name. I was convinced of returning to Italy after a month and maybe commit suicide, of course I would have done it if I had failed, however since that September 7th 2020, I have never returned to Italy for personal reasons, to also face the period of clandestinity here in England, and being able to conquer the UK Establishment there, the permission to remain in the Brexit Land, Officially from 1 January 2020. Of course here in the UK it is no longer the same as before, there are the real borders, with some limitations, the British, have decided this.