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This company from Salento in Puglia has arrived in Didcot on Broadway Street from Italy, a wonderful land to be discovered.

For fifteen years she has been involved in Web projects Graphics Marketing Techniques Made in Italy Territory Photography Events in Salento throughout Italy and even 7 years ago in London in the prestigious Aura May Fayr Club in London Green Park, there are many projects on which this company has worked in these years.
Precisely from the Municipality of Melendugno and its Marine San Foca, Torre dell 'Orso, Roca. Sant 'Andrea and the beautiful and fantastic Borgo Borgagne. City of Honey and the Sea rich in tourism, archeology, history, traditions, good food and beautiful people.

We have always liked to work on taking care of the image of the territories, and in Salento we have done a lot, but since we are in Didcot here too we have made a great discovery, a fantastic territory, OxfordShire, a fairy tale to be told, the sea ​​of ​​Salento but there are many other beautiful things: starting from a whole different type of architecture, obviously we are in England and here everything is a little different than the rest of the planet.

Carmelo Rizzo is here in the UK for his other reasons and adventures, he is a fool you all know him anxiously not here in the UK yet not all but many in Didcot However he decided after his love for Didcot, Oxford and all 'OxfordShire, to open a branch of his Italian company of Web Marketing and Advertising Products Services and Solutions, to also tell you about this magical territory, oxfordShire, and at the same time to introduce you to his beloved Italy, Puglia Salento, Lecce and the community where Melendugno was born and raised a village of 10.000 inhabitants, but which in spring and summer turns into a tourist destination for people from all over the world, we have a sea, beautiful friends and many other wonders to discover so maybe a day we are waiting for you in Melendugno who knows !!! You will obviously all be welcome.

We offer excellent prices services to improve communication on the Web from the point of view of the image of the person or of the company, with graphic and photographic services, and we have knowledge and years of research and experience in insights and marketing techniques, the basis of business, which we apply in the communication on the Web that every day is present in front of our eyes.

The fact is precisely this, in Didcot, Carmelo Rizzo has discovered a new world unknown to him, beyond the discovery of the beautiful city of Oxford, he has found what he had lost in Italy, he is a bit like this. his vision of the image of things, and believes that only with a good job, any result in any sector can have excellent results, but you have to rely on serious competent people who love what they do. And he loves something that has always existed in England but he tells us to see it everywhere like flowers in a colorful meadow, he always sees what he loves most, WEB MARKETING.
In this presentation page we will tell you a little about everything that this company has created, we have grown slowly, but we have done it with love and passion over all these years because we are in love with the work we do and the territories that each day we try to tell on our blogs. I am writing to you from Italy the Salento Marketing Team greets you to all, and wishes you all, our Carmelo has communicated his decision to us, his branch in Didcot of Marketing in Didcot, will be called , and we are delighted to see this territory that has already told us a little.
But I want to give you some advice, dear friends, before continuing, here we write a lot, we take pictures, graphics and many beautiful things, videos and music, we will try to give you our best even if we are not there, and Carmelo is creating a Team on Broadway Street, the Photographer has already been chosen, we met Ashley Taylor, a nice guy from Oxford, now he will try to find his other creative collaborators there too. Just give it a month.