Third year in England. I hope I get away with it. I leave the crown to the women, but King Charles of England, was a Great, more than the World Cup, and the World Cup, and I cannot have Crowns with My head among the Pearls, the Butterflies among the clouds and always lost in the abyss del Mare, I would lose it, I, I will never want to be a KING. In any case, many thanks to King Charles, the Logo is very beautiful. Carmel Rizzo!!!

Platinum TeaM QueenS the Search for Platinum.
They have cooperated on this journey.
Lady Elisabetta Candido Italy
Lady Laura Marullo Italy
Lady Laura Claxton (London)
President of the Italian Council.
New First Queen
Lady Liliana Capasa
President of the Italian Republic
Sabina Mercadante
Top Boss Antonella Candido
Top Woman AnnaLisa Farina
Princess Immaculate Lefons
Princess Patrizia Capasa
The Sacred Crown Group
Turquoise fairies
Dr. Valeria Ladino Corina Milan
Psychotherapeutic consultant
(Number One in the World indeed No More)
Prof. Francesca Romano. (Fairy Empress)
Teacher Arianna Perrotta Queen Pastry Chef.
12 Wives, 12 Stolen Queens Recovered!
Only Chic Stuff Very High Levels Not Even Dolce&Gabbana:
This is the TEAM of Platinum EXtraterrestrial Umberto Bruno, the first very perfect Cloning at Oxford University. Responsible for the Multipolar Rise of Word Search
Magical Laborer of the Year.

It is also forbidden to look at the clones that we have left you in Italy.
Uncle Crodino Uncle Dominion and Bat Man are Armed.
International Injured Team
Very rare cases Very rare pearls, only if we take this direction will we save the planet,
with Melons it won’t make its way, with Watermelons yes. So you are Melon or Watermelon.
” All the fault of Facebook and Professor Carlo “
This trip will tell of fantastic twinnings between Italy, England and the rest of the world. Currently only these women know the secret of Coca Cola. Enjoy the Silence.
It will be the continuation of a fantastic Journey where the Power of the English Language and of other Languages ​​and Cultures in the World will be told, absurd searches and very strange thefts on the Internet to which we are taking action and investigating, stories of Curses and Miracles, of Magical Healings , strange life choices that generate Revolutionary decisions, self-motivation in almost total solitude, in Independence, from two and a half years in England, problems and opportunities in the new nation, the land called Brexit where today not everyone can stay there as before, the nation that left the European system, the strangest but also very welcoming and respectful nation that also wants respect, the English, a fantastic culture as well as the first language in the world,

Estremo Lembo Est “Salento Oxfordshire World, the land that made me change my mind, the land where I wanted to stay, the land where I paid my price, and conquered my victories, I didn’t think I could resist in this paradise, a 2022, Clandestinity paid very dearly from different points of view, Overwhelmed Revolutions, sometimes it is strange but moving from a Position as a Manager or Son of someone and choosing to start from Zero can be your most immediate salvation, Conza, or Mac call it what you want, but the choice to come and work with the Bricklayers in the English shipyards led me to fly and want my dreams to make them count and continue to believe in something superior. I write this Book late and I apologize for this, but it wasn’t easy, when you don’t have the documents in order and you can’t work, you don’t know where to turn, I especially thank Marica, my Italian countrywoman in England, My Boss preferred for helping me to obtain the UK Establishment with which I realized I could stay until 13 August 2027 then it will be seen that by now I am on Erasmus for the rest of my life too. I thank and I wish Serenity to those who have created problems for me, I have learned to solve them even better, I thank the people who supported me in the moments of Madness, I thank those who have accepted me here in this nation where I am finally almost ready to put all my ideas in which I spent a lot of energy beyond my earnings, two years, no restaurant, no pub, no bar, living the Indians was the most beautiful experience of my life. As an Italian, I can confirm to you that the world is beautiful because it is varied, but one thing is a slogan, one thing is to live it, living it gives you the true confirmation in the facts. A mysterious and spiritual journey in my own way, when you live there with foreigners, that is your University of Life, the stimulus lies there. There are several projects I’ve been working on for two years and a great desire to still resist in this first Italian Revolution that the fate of a Tricolor mustache wanted to entrust to me and I can’t explain why for 13 years.
In the world only Pearls and Butterflies can make you lose in a Dream, the Pearl of Pearls.
Only women will be able to save the world, indeed No, there Universe, indeed no, the Galaxies,
actually not! Umberto Bruno EscoAlBar Beyond the Borders of Reality.