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I don’t come from far away, my Region is called Puglia, in English everyone knows it as Apulia, the Last Region of Italy, naturally the most beautiful and nothing to take away from the rest of Italy, but Puglia is the Puglia, from a land called Salento, the strongest land, that strip that forms the heel of Italy of the boot as many define the most beautiful nation in the world that keeps the whole system standing. . I grew up in a small but beautiful municipality called Melendugno with five Marinas among the most beautiful in Italy, San Foca, Torre dell’Orso, Roca, Sant’Andrea, known a lot for the pure sea for many years elected Blue Flag Municipality and the same includes the small but beautiful hamlet of Borgagne, as the small village is known. Professionally I grew up in Lecce in the world of construction, my family has dealt with this business at high levels I would say, I have always worked there with pride but I have always also had my world in my mind, honor the Father and Mother , there is as a commandment , for this reason at the age of 20 I decided to help my family and not continue my crazy studies , I wanted to be an actor but you know , my parents put me in front of not a crossroads , but the usual questions , but what do you want to be when you grow up they asked me , we have paved the way for you Children , and if life goes wrong for you ! choosing the path of cinema, it is not a path where many are successful, you should have been born in Rome to make the cinema. Usual things that a Parent rightly says to a Child, so, I chose the road of Construction, the Trucks, however the big ones have always been my goal. I liked the Truck a lot and I drove it many times, the truck, I made me feel like a super power, I also held managerial roles in some periods, and I had my own construction company, I worked in the renovation of schools, public works, in the construction sector, but I also had a period in an experience in sector of Aluminum and Iron which fascinated me much more Iron being a material also applied to art, at that time I worked both for some family interventions, but I also worked for Avio Propulsione Aereo Spaziale, I was entering the sector Mechanic I have a somewhat anarchic diploma from the Industrial Technical Institute as a mechanical expert I was not good in all subjects but I was good I hated electronics and computer science, therefore I understood a little, I was able to take on many jobs, of special equipment for the handling of aircraft engines that this multinational company manufactured, I had created a good team of valid professionals both in the metal sector and in construction and renovations, the work ennobles Man, it has always been a saying that I have carried within me as since I was born, at home, I have always heard of work and also of Millions and Millions of Work, but also when I worked, and I had to do about 250 300 Kilometers a day by car from 5.30 in the morning until the evening of course ok I agree, with the latest Mercedes or BMW 335 BiTurbo which I believe at that age I was the only 24 in Italy, I was racing of course I was racing in Car .
200 250 km per hour was my normality that car ran up to 280 km per hour but my average was 240 250 km per hour, of course my poor BMW always under stress, plus poor Donna Automobile, it was a Station Wagon, there I loaded everything, even bags of cement or tons of material, we never created problems for our cars, when you have 30 workers to carry on, you can’t think of your car as a luxury to live on, your car when you work with passion it’s just your war machine, but, both in the car and in the trucks, before getting into it, I could also travel there for 48 hours continuously, my luxury in the car was always the stereo, of course the stereo had to be excellent , the system had to break my eardrums , and I was convinced that with the right music even my car gave me greater performance , music has always fascinated me in life since I was a child , how much money have I spent on compacts disk , I had a full house for maybe 5000 even a hundred vinyls, of course music was my companion. Without Music I have never been able to stay in life, I had already started in those times, the choice of aiming for Women as a company bet and believing in them, in the Boom period, beyond all the very young boys I encouraged to work and me I took them from the street, even the women were the beginning of a different vision of work, I had Laura as an accountant, in the workshops I had bet on Daniela, a smart girl who had so much courage to come to work , Elisabetta also worked with me, super capable girl at the time, very young, girl who climbed the very high scaffolding and helped me with some things, even beautiful, but we only talked about projects, and of course Laura was beautiful too, all of them, but I didn’t have never tried, my challenges were others.
In my life, lucky or unlucky like everyone else’s, I have never thought about one hundred euros and 1000 euros, my mind has always been hearing about millions or hundreds of thousands of euros, of course, my father in his crazy projects and courageous, even in those days it had come to have 100 workers and many related construction companies, so imagine how much my family ran through life, and I instead left with a nice dish ready, a nice plate of mixed truffles in short, a rich dish with caviar. In my opinion, the problem was precisely not having started from scratch, of course, I always reasoned on very high numbers which basically, in addition to a beautiful car and many beautiful things I did with the money I had, thanks to my family, in the first place, Music, for Music, I spent rivers of money, in those days there was no YouTube, I had all the music I wanted, one period I bought 10 vintage cars at the same time, certainly tired of the super technology of a ‘ plane , all with Stereo System , but I only made rounds sometimes , I had 3 New Beetle and Maggiolini , the first Green , then one Yellow and one Red to make the colors of Lecce , the team of my land , even if I have never been to football close by, I personally had experience as a sponsor in women’s teams, but also beautiful little experiences that made the difference, I always preferred, however, to be with the street kids, the more unfortunate ones, I learned life from them as Also by my co-workers, which said by them,that coming from them, Laura told me something two years ago in a phone call, “how did you pay us, no one paid” and this is a beautiful thing more than Laura, Elisabetta can be, she always called me “Mescio” which means Maestro and I have always had an excellent relationship with Daniela, in those times, seeing a woman work in a workshop was not for everyone, many criticized my choice, but for me betting was fundamental, and then I I bet together with the Women and even my workers gave me the certainty they were good Master Craftsmen, basically I was just an investor who liked to understand new things, but I always had very high numbers ahead of me and the responsibility to carry on something that my family had done, therefore bringing up the name of my Father who as a simple Plumber, in my opinion and according to many people, made the largest real estate intervention in the history of Lecce and I believe of all Puglia, when o you are an entrepreneur and you have an almost family relationship with your employees, pride is not for you your Ferrari is a whim, your pride lies first in the fact that you have 100 employees then families, then children of your employees who are offering you their sacrifice and skills and time,but the Work and the Business with the Italian system, I see it only as a slavery both for the entrepreneurs and for the worker himself, in Italy, in reality the company you create is not yours, but totally of state, you lack time, of course the Italian system stresses everyone, even those who are well, and then, the union which is also fine with it ok, but up to a certain point, a bit the recklessness of the lawyers who create lawsuits useless and the Italian justice system is very slow so the costs and stress increase, and the accountants and this and that I was unable to work in Italy and then I’m in another generation, and my life experience was different I respect that of my parents especially my Father, that his Mother Carmela, my grandmother was called like me, lost it at 12, so I don’t know how he could have created this and I’ve always wondered, as I’ve always reflected on my peers friends who have lost their parents from young people and it is from them that I have taken an example, sincerely from the Millionaires, “poor, compared to me” I have not learned much in life, for this reason in my life I have always chosen characteristic friends of my country with whom I also had fun and with whom I still feel today. Friends who are friends, we need to make a very healthy difference, there are friends who have no interests, those linked to interests, those of Facebook since we are on a blog that will also talk about this.un po’ l’ incoscenza degli avvocati che creano cause inutili e la giustizia italiana e’ lentissima quindi i costi e lo stress aumenta , e i commercialisti e questo e quest’ altro io in Italia non riuscivo a lavorare e poi sono in un’ altra generazione , e la mia esperienza di vita e’ stata diversa rispetto quella dei miei genitoiri soprattutto mio Padre , che sua Madre Carmela , mia Nonna si chiamava come me , la perse a 12 anni , quindi io non lo so come lui abbia potuto creare questo e me lo sono sempre chiesto , come ho sempre riflettuto su miei coetanei amici che hanno perso i genitori da giovani ed e’ da loro che ho preso esempio , sinceramente dai Milionari , ” poveri , rispetto a me ” non ho imparato molto nella vita , per questo nella mia di vita ho scelto sempre amici caratteristici del mio paese con i quali mi son anche divertito e con i quali ancora oggi mi sento. Gli amici chi sono gli amici , bisogna fare una differenza sanissima , ci sono gli amici quelli senza interessi , quelli legati ad interessi , quelli di Facbook visto che siamo su un Blog che parlerà anche di questo.