Good evening Good morning Good afternoon Good night everyone, sorry but on the web this is how you never know from which part of the world they are looking at you or reading, my name is Elisabetta and I work in this Blog by Carmelo Rizzo of Web Marketing, I worked with him also 12 years ago in another experience in the real estate sector and I had a lot of fun. I can confirm it, he is a Fool, but one that cannot be found, because since he made his choice of Auto Exile in England, I have always seen him really positive every day, he seemed to have found Infinity in that Terra says he is unknown, yet he left to work as a Handler Most Humble Job, and go from Manager so obviously he is a messy Carmelo and I can tell you I am authorized by him, a Manovale is not the best just but from what he says sometimes in life you have to reset and start over and put a point on the past.

In these eight months we have had the opportunity to see in the photos only Mac Conza and Bricks Mattoni all day, and he continually said he had found happiness every day he was more and more convinced, it seemed strange to me to hear him like this, in Italy he could not find Pace, maybe he was not understood by many who gave a smile in front of you and then you know they always give you stabs behind your back, and many people never say things to your face. You don't know him he has always said everything against injustice towards the weakest. But I will not talk about this, he has already talked a lot about it even if he has never been listened to unfortunately.

So our dear Carmelo Rizzo Communication on May 1st DueMilaVentuno celebrated his birthday in Didcot. Never in his life had he celebrated his Melendugno outside, but since he is there he has lived only by Mac Bricks Sainsbury's Miller Homes who were close to him always tells me, but he lives on Websites and and makes Great Trips in search and protection di Domini and tells everyone to "not be" Social and in this statement, dear readers, I do not understand it myself, and here I confirm its abnormality.