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Earn money, and sell your domains more quickly.

With domain parking, you earn money with thematically matched advertising links. Whenever someone clicks on an ad, you get paid!

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The benefits

  • Earn money through advertising links consistent with the domain name and in the language of your visitors
  • Easy to set up and completely free
  • Get visitors instead of a “site under construction” message: Parked domains can be accessed online and sell twice as fast as offline domains
  • Get to know the value of your domain. Valuable visitor statistics can be used as a basis for price negotiations with prospective buyers

Free domain parking for everyone

Easy and free

Earn revenue with your unused domains

Domain parking pays off in three different ways at the same time: You earn money when visitors click on ad links, you learn how often your domain is visited and you can boost sales.

All you need to do is park your domains at Sedo, for free. We will handle the rest – everything from ad placement to paying out your advertising earnings.

  • Earn money with advertisements consistent with your domain name
  • Professional and fully automatic
  • Very convenient payment by wire transfer or PayPal
  • Parked domains can be viewed online and sell twice as fast as non-parked domains
  • Valuable visitor statistics can be used as the basis for purchase negotiations
  • Guaranteed free and can be cancelled at any time

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From 1,000 parked domains

Great conditions for domain professionals

Do you own more than 1,000 high-value domains? As a professional domainer, you will find everything you need at Sedo to generate maximum profits with your domain portfolio.

Our vast experience and constant technical optimisation make Sedo’s parking program the first choice for domain professionals.

  • A personal account manager for all your domain questions with customised solutions for successful parking and selling
  • An international advertiser network with the leading ad provider in the PPC sector and many other globally active advertisers
  • Gap free traffic monetisation through complete international coverage

Get professional support

Parking explained

Earn money with advertising

Take advantage of Sedo’s Domain Parking! You can earn money with your unused domains and find buyers for them more quickly. Domain Parking is completely free of charge!

The idea is simple: Advertisements which thematically correspond to the domain name will be displayed on your domain. You will earn money whenever a visitor clicks on the advertising links.

Your domain will no longer lead to an empty page or a page under construction. Use it instead as advertising space and feature professional content on your domain which will always be in the visitor’s native language. This ensures that no click will ever escape you!

Add domains for parking

“I was able to quickly and independently set up domain parking at Sedo. Now my unused domains no longer show an empty page – and I earn money from them!”


“Who would have thought that money could be earned with an unused domain? Thanks to Sedo, everything was easily and quickly set up.”


“Suddenly I had more purchase requests for my domain. And all of them a result of the parking option arrangement at Sedo and a banner on my parked domain.”



Create a customer account

Create an account for free. You can park as many domains as you like as soon as your personal customer account is activated.

Complete certification

Complete the “Domain Parking Certification” in your customer account. This allows you to display ads from our premium advertising partners on your parked domains.

Set up Domain Parking

Now add all of the domains which you would like to park to your account. Thanks to a special online wizard, adding domains is child’s play and quickly completed.

Redirect your domains to Sedo

Conclude by setting up forwarding by name server for each of your domains with your web hoster or domain registrar. Your domain parking will be activated after 24 hours.

Install Domain Parking

How to set up Domain Parking with your hosting provider

We offer you the easiest and most convenient method of setting up Domain Parking: Rerouting by Domain Name Server (DNS).

It really is easy: Log on to your personal customer account with your hosting provider or domain registrar. Now change the name server entry as follows for every domain you would like to park at Sedo:


Important: Please note that every domain must be forwarded individually. You must therefore adapt the name server forwarding for every single domain which you would like to park with Sedo.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You will find the most frequently asked questions about Domain Parking here.

  1. What is Domain Parking?
  2. How do I park my domains?
  3. Why does my parked page display a message saying the page looks different to my other parked domains?

Additional questions & answers



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